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in europe, and oakland is one of those cities, but i, of course, wearing my regional hat, have looked to expand what i have been learning through the network and the opportunities that present themselves to the network and to expand that. and where better to bring a cycling delegation than to the city of san francisco, a city very much on the verge of, i think, turning the tide in favor of cycling where there are 40-some-odd, 43-plus projects waiting in the wings for the environmental lawsuits to come to a close. so it is very exciting to have the opportunity for the delegation to come here, and i think the timely honkly, could not be -- honestly, could not be better. they have spent just over a day in the city of oakland doing a bit of a bike tour, meeting with elected officials there and a community open house last night where we had 80 folks turn out to listen to their talk. the other thing, obviously the public support and the public interest in this issue is alive and well and i think it's wonderful to see. i will also say that none of these events will be possible without some o
with us. fog near the coast. highs so far, mild. santa rosa, 67. oakland, 61. 66 in concord. you see gilroy, 66. the embarcadero right now, 54 in san francisco, san jose, 56. accept -- santa cruz, 58. and you can see the fog near the coast and all of this will be venturing inland tonight. napa right now, 69. here's a look at the forecast highlights. we'll go with the patchy fog overnight. the breezes will start to die down. partly cloudy for the monday and then the rain will return as we head into tuesday, lows tonight generally in the upper 30s. to mid-to-low 40s. we'll keep the fog mainly near the coast, and let's look at the timing of the next system. high pressure has been with us today. this is the little impulse that broughtes sprinkles. it's kicking towards the east. high pressure will be with us for monday and we'll start to see the clouds advance ahead of the cold front that will bring the bay area rain as we head into tuesday afternoon. here's a look at the forecast animation. we'll stop at 5:00 right now. this evening. and then throughout in the night you'll see a little f
sports car. he killed kenneth cherry jr., an oakland rapper. two others died when his car slammed into a tax after he was shot. >> in los gatos there could be a ban on selling any guns in the city. it applies only to new guns after neighbors voices concerns of the opening of a gunshot. one questions why local authorities grantedded permission for the store to operate before it obtained the federal fire aways sales permit. the plan needs votes from four five council members to pass. >> family in san francisco hopes someone can help locate their missing loved one. 34-year-old man disappeared from his home on friday night. his family tells police he was the mental capacity of a 12 to found-year-old. he suffers from depression, and is confused and lost and can be extremely forgetful. he was last seen wearing a blue jacket and red and white sneakers. >> a home burglary turned into a stand off all on camera. a woman held officers at bay with a shotgun after breaking into a home. abc7 news has the video you will only see here on abc7 news. >> as the stand off closed, officers in helmets
redeveloping right near the coast. oakland at 52. half moon bay, 48. santa cruz, 52 degrees. the timing of the rain returning to the bay area we'll take a look at that coming up in a bitter. >>> queen elizabeth is in the hospital. the illness she is fighting and how she is doing tonight. and also the diet that dares to you eat what you want. the doctor behind the fast diet tells us how it works. and conservationist score a win and conservationist score a win in asia, well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. i like having a lot more of more more often than not. which is why i stay at embassy suites. [ elevator dings ] because i always get more. like a spacious two-room suite. did you say two-broom s
's identity. >>> authorities say a car full of teenagers crashed in oakland this morning while on the run from highway patrol. it began around 1:00 this morning. they tried to pull over the older model toyota sedan because they suspected the driver was drunk. the car eventually plowed in to a fence at west grand avenue and campbell streets. there were five teenagers in the car. the injuries ranged from minor to serious. >>> firefighters are investigating a suspicious fire at independence high school. they saw flames burning the extd ing inside. firefighters quickly knocked down the fire in less than an hour. no one was hurt. investigators are still trying x tent of the damage to the school. >>> a fire last night in campbell displaced an unknown number of senior residents. the fire broke out at about 10:30 p.m. at wesley manner on hamilton avenue. santa clara county firefighters evacuated those living on the 12th floor. no reports of injuries. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >>> gilroy police arrested a man and are looking for two others in a bar fight stabbing. officers were
in oakland and richmond, and 48 in walnut creek and pleasanton at 49 and antioch is 44 and headed to the south bay, we are 47 in morgan hill and cupertino and mountain view and gilroy at 49. same in sausalito. novato is 43 and santa rosa and napa are at 46. this forecast cycle, we have clouds do start, and sunshine in the afternoon, and i expect to see the pockets developing and wet weather, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. a cold front with a low sitting and spinning and gathering moisture and colder air, the rain returns to most of our neighbors tuesday and that is the best day for wide-spread rain. tomorrow morning, you can see the clouds will be broken in the morning and it will be cooler tomorrow morning than this morning and bien knew, we have light rain moving in the northwest corner and by 5:00 we have light-to-moderate rain and starting to move in the heart of the bay during the evening commute. by 7:00, it is starting to head into the south bay and east bay valley and at 9:00, wet everywhere and as we head to midnight the steady rain is tapering to showers and we will h
in oakland. 45 in daly city. >> future cast 4 tracking temperatures throughout the day. mainly fifties from the heart of the bay by lunchtime. 12:00 we are talking 60s in line. >> we will see a decrease in the cloud cover. sunshine into the afternoon. afternoon highs holding on to fifties. '60s will start to fill in. by 8:00 p.m. tonight. cold with temperatures back into the '40's. >> taking a look at afternoon highs. upper 50s and lows 60s in the south bay. mountain view's 60. 61 and thou tell. it did not for sunbelt. santa clara 61 in san jose. >> partly cloudy in the east bay mid-60's possible for fairfield couple 50s in san leandro. >> downtown san francisco 54. >> 58 expected and if navato >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights major changes. we will see an increase in cloud cover heading into tuesday. a small cold front dropping from the pacific northwest will bring cloud cover, rain to our area that will stretch into wednesday. >> wednesday will see a mix of sun and showers. >> possible to see the showers later into thursday. i do not think we will see rain on friday
aquÍ en la ciudad de san francisco. en oakland un hombre perdiÓ la vida en dos diferentes tiroteos, ambos incidentes ocurrieron con una orden de diferencia. fue en la intercepciÓn de las calle 28. y el Último tiroteo fue al este de la ciudad de oula y sd y cuando la policÍa llegÓ al lugar encontraron a un asaltante almada en una residencia. un equipo de taticas especiales logrÓ que se detuvieron. >>> las autoridades lanÑaron aÚn y un incendio registrado dejÓ daoseo en san josÉ, el departamento de bomferos calificÓ el siniestro como soss nu he reporbaron heridos. >>> sos ricihubieron una medalla como corrazÓn curpura. el oro diferente repte speypria y el gracias zvaeypiea y bien la policÍa busca a dos sujetos involucrados en una pelea que ocurriÓ en un restaurante bar. y terminÓ con el apuÑalamiento de un hombre. las autoridades tienen bajo sospecha a un hombre. en el lugar los oficiales encontraron la vÍctima con mÚltiples heridas de cuchillo. una joven de 17 aÑos muriÓ aproteplar y la medicina identificuales y anaesvucual lu, enseguida en noticias univisiÓn 14,
for napa. oakland 62. 59 for newark and interior east bay look for temperatures in the mid to low 60s. looking out ahead seven days, the accu-weather seven-day forecast looking for rain to return on tuesday afternoon and overnight wednesday off and on showers on wednesday. a chance on thursday and then sunny and much warmer friday, saturday and sunday. and by the way, abc7 news has another great weather resource for you. follow at live doppler 7hd twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecast and spare the air alert and power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. speaking of which mike niko will be here with an update. morning news 4:30 to 7:00. >> thank you, leigh. >> manyathathathathatzatzatz>> the giants lost eight player tots baseball classic. they managed a victory before they left. barry zito pitched three score less innings for the g-men. we have seen him do it before and a great diving catch. he is going to get some time with these guys. three for four on the day and doubles down the line and scoring t
temperatures are not too bad of a start, you don't think the cloud cover for that. low fifties in oakland, 47 downtown san francisco. visibility compromised conditions around santa rosa, two and a half miles there. 7 mi. napa, sixth half moon bay, the rest of the bay area is not dealing with low ground fog. look forward to great, overcast skies once the sun comes up. also into the afternoon he will see a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures ranging from the upper 50's, low 60s south bay cupertino. 60 mountain view, 59 santa clara. east bay you will see mid-60s and possibly for fairfield, 58 vallejo, at downtown san francisco low to mid '50's, 53 napa, 58 san rafael. satellite and radar shows quiet weather over the bay area and we do have changes to talk about with a strong cold front. it will impact the bay area. what is the timing of the system? of future cast four walks you through it. this is set up for tomorrow around midday. dry for most of us, initial rain. it will continue to march his way south, by 6:00 p.m. yellow dominating most of the bay area indicating moderate to heavy rain.
for wednesday and thursday. 48 right now in santa rosa. 49 in san francisco. east bay, oakland, 52. the south bay, san jose at 50 degrees. you may have heard but this has been a driest year on record across the bay. ever. since records have been kept, since 184. for all of these cities here, napa, oakland, san francisco, livermore, santa cruz. the driest ever starts to a year. we are expecting rain to head our way towards tuesday. rainfall amounts will be quarter of an inch to 3/4 of an inch. again, this is going to be the most rain we've seen all year long. we desperately need it now in an abnormal drought declared by the climate prediction center. the rain will move through. tuesday, really midday in the north bay. you get into the afternoon hours. starts to spread into san francisco, oakland, and into san mateo. this is tuesday afternoon and evening. once we get into wednesday we're just talking a a good wide spread soaking really for everybody. again, this is desperately needed rain across the bay area. we've been very dry. really january and february. we're expecting maybe a quarter of a
. 50 in oakland. 47 currently in san francisco. tracking the number to the afternoon plenty of upper 50s, lows '60s. a mild day and we will see the sunshine. >> fremont 59. 61 for palo alto. 58 in redwood city. lows 60s in antioch, livermore. 65 potentially in fairfield. 57 san leandro. low 50s for the city by the bay. 58 degrees in berkeley. upper 50s for petaluma have navato it 51 if you're heading to ocean beach. >> satellite and radar shows quite dry weather over the bay area. the white mass behind me this is a pretty strong cold front that will infiltrates the bay area. >> walking you through the timing by 12:00 tomorrow still dry for most of us. you can see the initial approaching rain man. it will march south as we head into the evening ride home. >> 6:00 p.m. on the freeway expect moderate to heavy rain. >> that is indicated by the green on your screen. >> waking up wednesday morning still contending with cloudy conditions and scattered showers. >> unsettled weather continues in to wednesday but perhaps thursday as well. >> when this is said and done we're talking upper of its a
clouds tomorrow night. petaluma, 63. oakland, 62. 60 for castro valley, and antioch, 66. the forecast, changes, cooler temperatures, rain tuesday afternoon. overnight tuesday night, early wednesday morning, and then start to break out into some sunshine friday, saturday, and sunday. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you. follow at live doppler 7 hd on twit for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shore, and get reports, "spare the air" alerts and other items. >> ama: baseball interrupted. >> mike: the giants are going to lose eight players to the world baseball classic but managed a victory before they left. had some help from blanco makes the diving catch. what a day for peguero. 3-4 on the day, three rices, done rbis. giants win 5-3. >> a's and rockies in scottsdale. daddies little girl having some fun. feign anything, the a's catcher crushes this. oakland beats the rockies 72- >> playing in the nfl is close to coming through for former stanford stars stepfan taylor and zach ertz. we talked with them about their dreams and future as a cardinal. >> hand it
. you can see from south beach to oakland and berkeley, 50 in san francisco and oakland, and 52 in san jose, and mid-50's for pleasanton and palo alto. san jose, you got all clouds right now, and temperatures in santa rosa, at 49, we are at 50 in napa and fairfield and livermore is 51 and fremont and gilroy, dress for 53. here is what i think will happen: cooler today, we will get some sunshine this afternoon, it will take some time but it will breakthrough. rain do showers is what we will have for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, our coolest days in the forecast and a warming trend for the weekend, hopefully as warm as last weekend, and you notice all the pollen, i have a black car. then it was lime green this morning because of the pollen. san mateo shows the peninsula, and san francisco today at one degree cooler and san jose two degrees cooler but we are six or seven or possibly eight degrees cooler in concord and fremont. today, it will be a struggle to get into the 60's with low 60's in the east bay valleys and most of us in the mid-to-upper 50's and i do not expect much sun at
to nine in concord and sfo to six at oakland and five at hayward and just at three at redwood city. headed through the morning it will be cloudy for the better part of the morning commute but dry with the mid-to-upper 40's and clouds at noon from the low 50's at the coast and mid-50's to the rest of us. we will reach up to 60 by 4:00. them then fall back in the 40's to low 50's headed through 7:00 tonight. it will be cooler tonight than this morning. tomorrow, here is what happens: get the wet weather gear out today. get ready for tuesday when we will have rain, scattered showers on wednesday, and to a lesser extent, showers on thursday. notice the temperatures in the 50's for highs on wednesday and thursday, the cool of the days in the forecast. how is the commute, sue? >> so far, so good. getting back to work on this monday morning. san mateo bridge beyond the toll plaza, the flat section, toward the high-rise, a good-looking ride, just a few brake lights at the high-rise but no significant delays between hayward and the peninsula. we still have road work making your way to highway four
and hazy sunment sonoma 65, 55 for napa. oakland 62. 59 for newark and interior east bay look for temperatures in the mid to low 60s. looking out ahead seven days, the accu-weather seven-day forecast looking for rain to return on tuesday afternoon and overnight wednesday off and on showers on wednesday. a chance on thursday and then sunny and much warmer friday, saturday and sunday. and by the way, abc7 news has another great weather resource for you. follow at live doppler 7hd twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and get video forecast and spare the air alert and power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. speaking of which mike niko will be here with an update. morning news 4:30 to 7:00. >> thank you, leigh. >> manyathathathathatzatzatz
there westbound and we are looking at downtown oakland and there is a new configuration and a lot of people are not sure of it and it has been causing some problems, let's go to steve. >> it may be warm and sunny for some, a big fog bank is in place for some rain coming up tomorrow 50s and 60s. >>> breaking news in pacifica, we are on the scene talking to the coast guard trying to help a sailboat in distress. >>> we are where the police are and we have more on what they are saying, stay right here with us. 97 when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> we're live where a boat stuck in the sand. stranding the three people on board. we'll tell you how the coastguard trying to help. >>> and a teenager shot and killed in campbell and in what police say was an unusual crime. how long it's been since they've had a kill that city. >>> an early
, mainly in the 40s outside. we have 50 degrees in san jose, 48 in san francisco, and 48 in oakland. high pressure holding on for one last day but rather weak ridge. this is going to move out and that's going to let the cold front slide on by. not until tomorrow tomorrow afternoon we start to talk about rain. temperatures on average low to mid-60s. today will be below the average in san francisco. only about 55 degrees. there 62 and sunshine isn't the san jose and 62 trees in livermore. more on the -- 62 degrees in lever mother. and we'll check -- livermore. we'll check on the roadways with gianna franco. >>> they have not turned the metering lights on. traffic is pretty busy mostly in the cash lanes. once you get past, a look at the conditions on bay bridge toward the island. if you're making your way up the incline, on the another live shot of the bay bridge you can see traffic, well, we lost, that, no delays come off the east shore freeway. westbound 580 at 680, the accident blocking the middle lane, traffic busy as you work your way out of
as temperatures right now beginning to cool off as we would expect for this time of day. san jose 50, oakland 52 and half-moon bay currently 50 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight partly cloudy skies, fog for the coast and for the bay. tomorrow is the morning overcast. clouds becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon hours. tuesday, wednesday we will be tracking more rainfall and temperatures cooling off as well. first thing tomorrow morning, areas of clouds. just be extra careful out there for your monday morning. lots of 40s to start out the day. maybe some cooler locations in the upper 30s. san francisco, low of 47 and san jose 45 degrees. out here in the pacific, here's a change. a weather system developing offshore. no rain drops expected for tomorrow after we had a few sprinkles. tomorrow here we go with the overcast and skies becoming partly cloudy. also a breeze with winds from around 15 to 20 miles per hour. tuesday this system will slowly approach the bay area. that will be the keyword, slowly. north bay rain probably not until after 2:00. better bet closer to 3:00 or 4:00. the sho
-old amar harris. he's accused of shooting and killing aspiring rap artist ken nicherly, an oakland native. -- ken cherry, an oakland native. >>> the san francisco police are doing everything they can to track down an assault rifle stolen they broke into a car on mission street, and that type of gun is given specially trained officers. san francisco police has sent out an alert to other agencies. other bay area headlines, a woman caught breaking into a san francisco home held police off with a shotgun for more than two hours. residents of f lyon street home called 911 after they found their house being burglarized yesterday afternoon. officers talked the 22-year-old suspect into dropping the gun and surrendering. she is facing burglary charges. >>> in last georgias -- los gatos, the they will consider a moratorium on gun sales. templar sports. the only store that sells guns would be able to continue gun sales. >>> a try triathalon tragedy, a 46-year-old man died after plunging into cold waters in the escape for alcatraz race. the austin texas man
yesterday's 69. -a 56-- >> we are going to get even cooler for tomorrow. and the clouds part in oakland and they will be everywhere for tomorrow. the greenback start. even spotty drizzle. gray start-. and as we see temperatures are going to drop. all of these locations are in the 50s. the deeper degrees. and as temperatures are 53 degrees -- with rainfall possible on tuesday. >> more money at meters. starting tomorrow, the cost to park around a-t-and-t park in san francisco gets more expensive. right now, you don't have to pay meters to park after six o'clock at night. but as kron four's philippe djegal explains. that's all about to change. >> reporter: from as far north as harrison street,,, as far south as mariposa street. as far west as seventh street. 1and, as far east as the embarcadero. parking around a-t-and-t 1 park will now take an even bigger bite out of your 1on non-event days, monday 1 parking in these areas will cost 25-cents an hour from 11 six until ten o'clock at night. on event days, the price skyrockets to as much as seven-dollars as hour. this means san francisco gian
is expected to be extradited to face charges of firing enemas ad did i in oakland and -- firing on a car in oakland and a total of 5 people were injured. >>> it is about controversy and new jobs. the prospect has been a big selling point for the $68 billion project many of them are called disadvantaged people and and includes many more coming up. >>> if you are coming up to the toll plaza, that is about 10 minutes and metering lights have not gone on yes you can see metering lights go on at 6:15 and also the morning commute looks good in 101 in san francisco and you can see a little bit of midst and windshield wipers may be required, so it is -- it is slow, there was a crash at 680 and it has been slow on the pass and continuing to caster valley and the traffic is moderately heavy, let's go to steve. >> amanda tweeted she likes mr. drizzle, she finds humor in that. >> thing you miss a -- thank you, miss amanda. the raindrops to the south and it looks like we will get something out of this, unfortunately forecast models are not in sink, there it is. and the process is a slow one and toda
, the most since 2006 when he was with, yes, the oakland a's, way back then. let's get to some action from today. d-backs and giants, making his second cactus league start. top of the first, 1 on. jason flays to center. blanco making a great diving catch to end the inning. g-man, former giant cody ross goes down looking. he is not boss there. top of the third, eric chavez strikes out swinging. next batter, zito flashes some leather. adam eden pops out. zito three scoreless winnings with two strikeouts. very impressive. bottom of the six, two on, francisco. 3 for 4, three runs batted in. giants win, 5-3 is your final. >>> over to the green and gold, trying to rock the rockies for the second straight day. top of the third, tied at one. hiro nakajima singles to right to load the bases. next batter, daric barton, ouch. chatwood hits him. derrick norris scores. a's had five walks and three hit batsmen in the first three i think so. seventh innings, a's up by four runs. david freitas hits a solo shot off josh outman. a's win, 7-2 is your final. >>> stanford cardinal trying to put away utah on th
of oakland for the city. sanfrancisco, beautiful evening in progress with the official sun down at 6:05. we are on the countdown for the bay bridge. the new span on labor day and the bright lights. the new lights on display for the next two years taking place on tuesday night kick starting at tuesday night. we will have rain for that event. we are looking for one cell that is just a little bit to the south now of the stockton area. very interesting. this is our live doplar radar. we are picking up a lightning bolt that just occurred. it was chowd to ground lightning. brief to the bay area with a trace of rain. it is is out of here. this is sunset. a few clouds in the distance there. the temperatures cooler than 24 hours ago. 50s and 60s otherwise 51 degrees in san francisco. but the breeze is a factor out of the northwest at 15. adding to the raw filling of the evening. okay, now, 68 degrees in santa rosa. averaging a couple degrees above normal for this time of the year. below normal down from yesterday's high of 68. 64 in san jose falling t
of the gym. >> there goes that man! >> lebron and the heat put the 13-game streak on the line. oakland's own, jason kidd, bucket. now, miami said all right, that is enough. lebron steals it. forget about it. 11 rebounds for king james, the heat win it 99-93 to make it 14 straight. >> hello friends. stanford hosting utah, dwight powell, going up to get it. 15 points, stanford up 13 at the half. and in the second half it was more cardinals. randall taking over. chasing him again. one of the blasters today. 84-66. stanford is a game under .500 in pac-12 play. >>> over to golf. final round of the honda classic. not a good final 2 rounds for tiger. mises the short, but, here, finished in time for 37th. shot of the day, though, not tiger, it is jeff. the shot. this is a pretty one. finds the bottom of the cup. finished 2nd in the tournament behind the winner, michael thompson. thom son was second at the -- thompson was second at the u.s. open but tops today. >>> auto racing, here we go. danica patrick, smiling there. not at this one, lap 185, kisses
brandon. commissioners south east city, toya moses. >> oakland port commissioner, brian parker. director of workforce development office of economic workforce department rhonda simmons and president jack and jill of america incorporated san francisco chapter and former soul service commissioner karen clopten. thank you all so much. well, we are so thrilled that our most distinguished keynote speaker was able to work us into his schedule today. welly has a way again of folks to show up. you know? he attended the american conserve torrey theater in san francisco and went on to appear on the big screen and the big stage. give a big warm welcome for the great amazing delroy lindo. can everybody hear me? >> i have to say that after agreeing to be here this afternoon, a few or some short time after i was sent a schedule, and on the schedule, i saw that i had ten minutes from my keynote address. and then, some while later, they sent me another schedule and i had 15 minutes, and then, they sent me another schedule and i had 20 minutes. and i get here this afternoon, and they give the brother ten
at the general, oncology resource workers carolyn land and rashel oakland help canner patient and their families cope with this debill at a timing distance with grace and compassion. years of navigating the patient population of the complex system of coverage and healthcare these women work to meet each individual's needs and carol helped one young family who's head of household was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and it had spread to his spine and bones. they coordinated transportation, financial support, and child care for the patient's young children. in addition,, care lynn rachel setup the family with support groups, therapy, communicationed with the schools and advocated for the patient and their families with the healthcare providers additional lesion a common request of patients who are near the end of their life is to return to their country of origin, here again care lynn work tirelessly to facility these requests with the family overseas they wrote letters to the embassy and is conscientious late and is place sure those wishes came true. care lynn and rachel do what they can
night in oakland about various cities and the congestion issues and congestion pricing versus perhaps parking pricing. i was wondering if he could tell us the politics of pricing automobile parking versus congestion parking. in at san francisco, one of the biggest challenges is car is going past you at 40 m.p.h. and getting cars to go slower and not be in the city as we were looking at on market street. a lot of it is about reducing cars. i know in copenhagen, we look at what has been done with diminishing car parking, but maybe speak to car parking as part of this. >> in copenhagen, the cars cost double price because of taxes. not so many people have a car. copenhagen is like new york, i guess, people do not need cars as much. many people want to commute into the center from the suburbs. that is what we want to prevent. that is why we have such high costs, high taxes on parking your car. the closer that you get to the center, the more expensive. but there is a limit how much we can turn away. that is why we also want to have some systems. i think if we're going to read 50% share of c
and as far as i could take note is the situation for cyclists as well as in oakland as in portland as in san francisco -- excuse me, i think, yes, important to be again the whole different thing. but as i understand most probably brussels is somewhere in-between. in the last few years, we managed to raise the amount of cyclists let's say from 1% in 2000 to what today is estimated but how did the countings go, but it's estimated as being 3 1/2%. i have made it as one of my priorities to put the discussion on what we call soft mobility for pedestrians and cyclists to put it on the political agenda and being a deputy for the green party in an assembly of 89 deputies, it has been possible to find an alliance in every political party whether it's the liberal, the socialists, the christian democrats, or the green. so we have been taking initiatives together asking hearings in the parliament and so on. i think it's very important that grassroots organization kansas do their work. i'm still participating in actions when we are doing that in brussels. but you need that. you need an efficient administ
of the valleys. temperatures still look on thecool side. 49 in oakland. 49 in santa rosa. 51 san francisco and now 55 and clear in concord. as we head throughout the afternoon, we should see more sunshine and well stale bit on the cool side especially approaching the coastline and low clouds and fog likely to make return tonight. and for tomorrow, we have got rain on the way. although i don't think it will affect most of your day. high pressure off the coastline and you've got this system bearing down on the bay area and it will take a while to get here but once it does, the rain will pick up late in the day tomorrow. otherwise, dry for today and looking good. as we head throughout the afternoon, low clouds and fog breaking up just a little bit and here comes the fog overnight and more clouds on the way and your cold front taking its time getting here. 7 or 8 at night tomorrow night so a little wet on the commute home leaving late and after that, it turns to more scattered showers as we head to wednesday and possibly into thursday. we may see a couple le
to oakland and san jose and when paf rete and streisand and this is the problem and if we had an arena decent for presentation san francisco would be the first site but that doesn't mean this has to be the only site in san francisco but it's the best site because it satisfies so many things being so close to accessibility from cal train, from bart, from muni, from a lot of different public transportation and also very walkable. it also impresses me after giant games the number of people on the street walking up to market street or into the heart of san francisco and everyone had horror stories about how bad it would be and i don't think i ever had a problem coming or going to a giant games whether i walked or drive or public transportation. i usually don't drive and if i do i park a wayings away and i think this makes sense. somebody brought up the question about maritime uses and as was pointed out in the presentation there is the idea of kayak access and some ferry terminal or some terminal is planned as part of the project. fishing will be available. there will be great
oakland because there is not enough office space available at affordable rates and so, the problem is because we can't control these other choke holds in the system we can't say that we don't, we can't really just say let's not do anything, because the problem is that you can't control who is going to go forward and who is not. just practically, it does not work because we don't own the land or control the price or the financing and the other sort of factors and i think that that is always frustrating, i do believe in what i am seeing is that the trend, even in the technology community which has gone and everyone is making a lot of bru haha of the decision to bring everybody back to the office that is a return trend, the outward migration away from offices. i predict very and there is a lot of data out there to show that there is a trend back into the offices because of the people trying to feel more and more disconnected because in the terms of the creativity and the innovation, everybody wants to work in the same space and they are to reignite the excitement and enthusiasm that t
bridge, can't see it right? there you go, bay bridge under mostly cloudy skies right now. in oakland, 52. to the west, san francisco 48. substantially cooler than it was 24 hours ago. meanwhile, today was cooler than it was yesterday. a pair of 5s in pacifica. 67degrees in san rafael. a few raindrops in santa rosa. did you see that very quickly. your overnight lows, 30s and 40s. areas of patchy fog. tomorrow will kick start with some clouds, end up with some sunshine and the rain begins by tuesday evening. commute this week, trough is out of here. moving to the east after a few raindrops. more importantly, it opened the door for this. a more potent, stronger, rainy system. associated with it. tation but we do have some cooler air mass, and it will begin to invade the bay area as early as this. watch your future cast. here's tonight with the cloud cover, and areas of patchy fog. here is your monday. we went through it dry. tuesday, 11:00 a.m., to the north, you see that frontal boundary as it begins to slide through the central bay. there you have the unveiling of the light show at the ba
for 26 -year-old amar harris, accused of killing kenny cherry, an oakland native. it ended in a car crash that ended up killing with more people. harris was arrested in la on thursday. >>> police in san francisco want to know who took an assault rifle from an unmarked police car. on saturday someone broke into a locked vehicle on mission street and grab ared the ar15 -- grabbed the ar15 rifle. it's a type of gun given to officers who may use it during incidents like a barricaded suspect. san francisco police have sent out an alert to other agencies to recover that weapon. >>> a woman seen caught breaking into a san francisco home held police off with a shotgun for more than two years. residents of alliance street home arrived yesterday afternoon to find their house being burglarized. they left and called 911, and a stand off ensued. s.w.a.t officers talked the suspect into dropping the gun and a hatchet and then surrendering. she is facing burglary charges. >>> tragedy the at escape from alcatraz try at ron this week, a -- triathalon. a 46-year
on tuesday night. currently mostly cloudy skies from oakland to the east, san francisco to the west, temperature wise into the 40s and the 50s. it is cooler at this hour than it was 24 hours ago. and, we do have a west wind at 14. today's highs came down, 68 in santa rosa. 64 in san jose a couple degrees below average. 64 degrees across discovery bay and into fairfield. in the middle 50s in san francisco. tonight, overnight, a cool night, into the 30s and 40s with areas of patchy fog. also, partly cloudy conditions. tomorrow, little clouds as you begin your morning commute and then it will turn bright and sunny and the temperatures, so, cooler than today. rain moves back into the picture by tuesday evening commute. this is the weak trough that went through the area today producing up to a trace of rain. anywhere from santa rosa all of the way into the silicone valley. upstream here, we have an area of low pressure. it is a stronger system but it does not contain a lot of precipitation. it does, however, contain air mass. here is how you play
. the 83 degrees with 57 degrees in oakland. but the seven-tomorrow. the rainfall possible on tuesday >> meter mark-up. starting tomorrow, the cost to park around a-t-and-t park in san francisco gets more expensive. pay meters to park after six o'clock at night. but as kron four's philippe djegal explains. that's all about to change. from as far north as harrison street,,, as far south as mariposa street. as far west as seventh street. and, as far east as the embarcadero. parking around a-t-and-t park will now take an even bigger bite out of your wallet. on non-event days, monday through saturday, metered parking in these areas will cost 25-cents an hour from six until ten o'clock at night. on event days, the price skyrockets to as much as seven-dollars as hour. this means san francisco giants games, and events like the world baseball classic. and-t park mid-month. the san francisco municipal transportation agency says the changes will make more parking spots available. and, help reduce congestion, by discouraging circling around the ballpark for parking. but as you might imagine. dri
district and so she deals with the captain all of the time. we need to look at oakland with the crime rate skyrocketing because they are laying off police officers and we are hiring police officers that is because the board of supervisors have decided that the public safety is their first concern and mayor lee has made the same commitment and we have two academy classs in there now and for that we thank you. >> yes, thank you. [ applause ] >> so what we would like to do is we will move to our agenda and first thing we will do is simple things of adoption of our minutes from the prior meetings while we could report from the acting police chief tonight denise smith and we will go through the quick reports and the main event which they are trying to prepare is the presentation by captain mceachern. could you call line item one? >> item one, adoption of minutes, action. for the meetings of january 9, 23, 30 excuse me, and february 6, 2013. commissioners, you have in your packets, the minutes from the prior meetings. and i want to thank commission second monroe for putting these together and do
to live here. i want to be able to raise my family in this city. i don't want to have to move to oakland or to move to richmond to raise my family. i want to be here in my city where i was born and raised. so, thank you. >> thank you, ms. berliner. >>> good evening, supervisors. my name is fernando [speaker not understood]. i'd like to a first of all we fully support the integrity of the community based process in western soma including the innovative housing, the height bonus system that was developed. we reject a reduction in the affordable housing height bonus that the integral to stabilizing the community and we look forward to working with you and seeing you all working together to reach solutions and meet them for structure needs of the community. i'd like to make a couple comments about the presentation that was just made from planning department. one was it's i think it was alluded to the eastern neighborhoods process where sites receive up zoning, there is a tier 1 of fees that remain stable from the base to the height bonus. and here somehow we ended up with an inverse equation
counselor and we are based in the commission district and also have an office in oakland. >> so they help us to manage the cases better and insure the case resolution since the workers working with the clients are connected to the inspectors as the only one with bilingual managers, we increase the capacity to work with more spanish speaking tenants and we make sure that they access services that they may not have otherwise, for fear of a language barrier or unfamiliarty with the housing codes in san francisco. so i brought with me the two clients that benefited and just wanted to share the brief stories with you >> martinez. >> i'm here because to talk about how my landlord did not want to repair my water heater. for four weeks i was forced to heat up water on the stove. [ speaking in a foreign lanuage ] >> so, i called hosta and thankfully my problem got resolved. so when she came to us we helped her write a letter to the landlord. the landlord did not respond and so using the sea op, collaboration we enlisted the hept of the san francisco housing authorization and after that her landlord m
it will not be as warm. 51 oakland, 51 san jose, 48 redwood city in there as well. temperatures are held up there stuck and last week it was all wrong and that will really keep that cloud deck in place. it looks good and it's going to go over right about to here and the front will people here tuesday low, low overcast in the morning, fog sun breezy and that will not go far from the coast. clouds roll in and we have rain into thursday and then breezy, looking good and back into the 40s. >>> the japanese company who makes the batteries for the dreamliner is working closely with boeing. they are working around the clock to make the batteries safe. all dream liners are still grounded. they have uncovered a fraudulent scheme to test engine parts. whitney control parts falsified test results but they found the metal parts did not post a safety hazard. >>> gas prices went up, 14.25 and gas is about a nickle more in southern california and along the southern coast. >>> fall out where a nurse refused to give cpr over a dying woman. plus, there is shock over why they did not try to save her life. >>> and we have
of oakland and low to mid 60s inland around the tri-valley today. tomorrow we'll see clouds increasing through the day today leading up to rain. a chance of thunder into wednesday. look at highs only mid 50s middle part of the week. >> as you've been tolli itellin people, low clouds and fog not a problem for drivers. haven't seen windshield wipers across the san mateo bridge. westbound away from us smooth to the high rise but approaching the toll plaza we have slowing. an earlier disabled vehicle in one of the lanes and as they moved to the shoulder we saw a backup form. be prepared for that for the next half hour are so. slow for 880 down through hayward and union city and slow for 580 and livermore closer to dublin interchange things are moving smoothly. south bay routes with slowing there. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local update for you in one half hour from right now. hope to see you then. the "today" show coming your way. >>> david copperfield does the seemingly impossible. he was going to dazzle us with his magic right here in our studio this morning. he is huma
-- 101 and 880 to oakland is moving better as is southbound. >> how long will the clouds linger? we will check it out with >> this is how it looks from mounts tamalpais, it look like summertime in the bay area but it will be cooler from one to seven degrees compared to average with the warm weekend over. right now most of us in the 40's near 50 in oakland and antioch and slow and in the mid-50's at the coast to mid-60's [ cheers and applause ] >>> hello, everyone. it's 8:30. there's a whole lot going on out there. check out what's happening inside. high fashion for your puppy. >> mm-hmm. >> those guys are rocking it right there. we're going to have a whole lot more on that coming up in a little bit. >>> also, oscar winner marlee matlin is here. she's got a ground-breaking episode of "switched at birth." >> always a pleasure to have her here. >>> great news, all the companies participating in the most recent "deals and steals" extended the benefits over the weekend with 15% of all the sales going to be the match. where you can register to be a bone marrow transplant donor. >> it was
to the day, nora. this is a new one looking back toward oakland and the new part of the bay bridge are they're building right now. cloudy skies outside. we'll find more sunshine over the bridge in the afternoon. 40s and 50s. by the afternoon, we have 50s and 60s inland. partly cloudy up toward the coastline. chance of rain by late tomorrow afternoon. showers expected on or off right through thursday. >>> it's a murder trial attracting worldwide attention. an arizona woman could face the death penalty. we'll show you the emotional testimony of accused killer jodi arias and how it compares with what she told "48 hours" ahead on "cbs this morning." our ocean spray cran-cherry juice drinks are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie -- 'tis tasty. okay george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty. want younger looking eyes that say wow? with olay, here's how. new regenerist eye and lash duo. the cream smooths the look of lids... softens the look of lines. the serum instantly thickens t
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